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6 Essential Tree Services for a Healthy Property with Easy Tree Service

Here at Easy Tree Service, we make tree services look, well, easy. As a staple for a healthy environment and lush-looking property, it is essential that you look after your trees, no matter how fit they are. From tree removal to stump grinding to emergency clean up, our expert team here at Easy Tree Service is here to get the job done right the first time. In this blog, we will showcase our versatility, highlighting the tree services we offer to provide you with a safe and sound home or business amplified by healthy trees.

Tree Removal

We are not reinventing the wheel by saying trees are rather large. In order to tackle tree removal in an effective manner, you will need proper tools and experience, both of which can be found at Easy Tree Service. You might be asking, “Why do I need to remove my trees?” Like any living thing, trees eventually age and decay, causing them to get weaker. Or in some cases, they become infected with disease that harms the structure of the tree, making it a safety hazard for you and your loved ones. In many cases, trees also overgrow, where the gigantic root systems and branches get too large, causing property damage.

How do we remove trees? We start with our expert arborists coming to your property to make thorough estimates. We factor everything in, ensuring that all facets are covered prior to removing the tree. We work efficiently and within your budget to make sure any dangerous tree is taking off your property to keep all parties safe.

Tree Pruning

Think of tree pruning like getting a haircut. When your hair gets long, cutting it promotes healthier growth down the line. This is the same for pruning, a service that promotes growth and health for trees. And like a haircut, we can sculpt your tree line as you see fit to craft the perfect look for your property.

If tree removal is essential, then tree pruning is the standard service. Landscape trees require intense attention to detail to maintain their integrity and appearance. But you cannot just snip as you please. There is an art and science with pruning that leads to proper growth. One wrong cut, and you can severely damage a tree’s life, as well as harm its lifespan. Long story short, choose Easy Tree Service for all your tree pruning needs.

Stump Grinding

Even when trees are removed, there are still portions left behind. The stump and the roots will remain even after removal. For some, stumps are viewed as a decorative piece for properties. For others, they want to be removed. No matter your opinion, stump grinding is an effective service to help clear land or for future tree planting. It is a much more effective method compared to total removal, and it also gets rid of any pests left behind, like insects, snakes, and other creepy crawlies.

Brush Pickup

Any tree debris, trimmings, and bush piles left behind? Have no fear, as Easy Tree Service is here to take them with ease. Along with that, we also have ready to use wood chippers that can create mulch from your yard waste. Schedule your brush pick up any time of the day and we will be there as soon as possible. No matter the season or busyness, Easy Tree Service will be there to serve our terrific community. Even if you start preparing the yard on your own, we come in with our professional quality cleanup to complete the job.

Tree Disease Aid

As noted earlier, trees can be subject to infections and disease that harm their integrity. In these cases, Easy Tree Service is here to help your yard stay vibrant. Insured and certified to spray and treat, our expert arborists bring extensive knowledge to the table, making us the premier source to nurse your trees back to health. Curious if your tree is sick? We will provide a free assessment before beginning the aid process. From mildew and mold to fungi and root rot to much more, protect yourself and the environment around you with tree disease aid from our amazing team.

Emergency Storm Cleanup

In the midst of storms and accidents, there will be plenty of nerves and anxiety. Allow our team at Easy Tree Service to come in and provide urgent tree care services. From trimming to cutting to removal, we will be there ASAP. With plenty of arborists and office personnel, we handle each call immediately, making your a top priority no matter how busy we are. The last thing we want is a potential hazard for your property caused by a fallen tree. Time is of the essence, so we understand the importance of emergency storm cleanup, something Easy Tree Service prides itself on providing to the Minneapolis area.

Contact Easy Tree Service Today

In need of any of the aforementioned services? Do not hesitate to get in touch with Easy Tree Service via our contact page today. Our expert group of arborists will take care of these issues with ease, making your property look vibrant and safe with ease. With spring right around the corner, get your home or business ready with the best looking trees around courtesy of our great team. We look forward to working with you soon!

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